Business Centre Hong Kong (Lee Garden Two, Causeway Bay)

Located on Hysan Avenue at the heart of Causeway Bay, this district frequently draws in international brands by the droves. Caroline Centre (Lee Garden Two) is the ideal venue to host meetings and engage with like-minded professionals.

Serviced Office Hong Kong: Portray Your Business In A Positive Light

Present your brand and professional skills to potential clients and partners in an elegantly furnished private conference area. When it comes to doing business, brand image plays an important role in determining how your business is perceived by industry peers, potential clients, and the general public.

Our Neighbors

With its prominent location and exceptional reputation, Lee Garden Two is the ideal space for top-tier businesses and MNCs to set up their new branches. With a multitude of different industries that range from banks, wealth management companies, management consultants to professional service providers, our clientele speaks for itself.

Service Offices Where Established Brands Converge
Expect to see major multinational companies located nearby, such as, Apple, Google, Linkedin, Hermes, Gucci Group and L’Oreal. Over at CBD Central where the financial companies are clustered, Causeway Bay continues to attract IT related companies, high fashion apparel brands and media business associates.
Convenient Transportation Amidst A Shared Office
Causeway Bay MTR station is just a short 5 minute walk from our office. The beauty of this prime location allows one to have quick access to Tsim Sha Tsui, Sheung Wan and Quarry Bay; all located within 10 to 20 minutes via taxi or MTR.
Office Space Causeway Bay: Travel Comforts
Our office also offers access to mainland China where the ferry terminal and airport express is just a couple of stations away.
Whatever your reasons may be; add a dash of sophistication to proceedings by opting for our meeting rooms.
Causeway Bay, Your Hub To Entertainment Comforts
A place where shopping meets entertainment in more ways than one, Causeway Bay remains an attractive destination for eager travellers. Under the allure and swank overtones, it’s home to sold out stadiums where sporting and concert events are held all year round. Whether it’s crisscrossing along the intricate passages of Hennessy or the lively streets with flashing lights, this quaint city has them all.
Close Distance To Wan Chai
Wan Chai is an ever popular choice amongst travelers for its myriad of attractions and landmarks that are remain the mainstays of Hong Kong. Should this be your first time in the district, you would want to uncover the many hidden gems of Wan Chai – from idyllic harborside views to the more quiet yet charming Cantonese streets at Hennessy Road.

The Causeway Bay MTR station is just 5 minutes walk from the office.  The beauty of this prime location allows one to have quick access to Tsim Sha Tsui, Sheung Wan and Quarry Bay within 10-20 minutes via taxi or MTR ride.

The office also offers convenient access to mainland China where the ferry terminal as well as the airport express to the airport is only few MTR stations away.

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